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WE DON'T DIE® Radio Show with host Sandra Champlain

Apr 28, 2019


Renowned medium, trance healer, intuitive counselor and teacher, Lorna J. Hines is also a mental health professional. Lorna has always utilized her healing and intuitive gifts in service to those in pain and those whose pain and suffering may not be visible. She brought and implemented these gifts to her career in mental health and graduate education spanning more than thirty years as a; Psychotherapist, Researcher, Trainer, Consultant, Personal Coach, Professor, Administrator, and CEO.

Guided by Spirit, and her guides, Lorna's spiritual path expanded. She pursued studies in the science of numerology and hands on healing. In November 2018, Lorna was credentialed by the Spiritualists National Union in Speaking and Demonstrating.

Committed to her own development, Lorna participates in a weekly development circle with other mediums. She has studied with Tony Stockwell, been mentored by James Van Praagh and has been designated as one of Van Praagh's Practitioners on his website. She has also trained with Helen Davita and Chris DeSerio in trance and trance healing. Visit her website at

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