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WE DON'T DIE® Radio Show with host Sandra Champlain

Nov 25, 2014

Valentine’s Day 2009, MarBeth Dunn lost the love of her life to a heart attack. Instead of succumbing to grief, MarBeth chose a different path and uses her wisdom to help create joy filled lives. In this episode we hear about MarBeth's loss, how she healed her broken heart and the AMAZING signs she received from her...

Nov 5, 2014

Fine Artist, Owner & Creative Director of
Ezeeye Imaging &, an innovative design & marketing company that
Influences SUCCESS with Intelligent Creativity, Deidre Trudeau has powerful experience why she believes in the Hereafter.

Deidre is a speaker, author, mentor-of-success & founder of ‘The SheFluence...

Nov 5, 2014

Chemical industry executive turned entrepreneur, Gina St. George and her business partner (and partner in life), Andy Sokol, have two brick and mortar business. For the last 20 years, they've been serving South Florida. In recent years they've been asked to offer business training for small businesses and...

Nov 5, 2014

International artist, photographer, author, business owner, mentor and philanthropist, Patricia Gagic has been a passionate supporter of many great causes. She's exhibited her art in Zurich, Geneva, London, France, Seoul, Frankfurt and Austria.

As a  Business owner she's operated a Property Management company for over...

Nov 5, 2014

Wise author of the book "Mum Moments," Judy Taylor & her husband John embraced a holistic approach to life many years ago Jude went on to study holistic counseling and then completed her Diploma of Holistic Healing.

It was through their mutual desire to help others that they created a business called "Positive Signs."...