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WE DON'T DIE® Radio Show with host Sandra Champlain

Mar 27, 2024

Supernatural Virtual Reality App Coach, Dr. Antonio Harrison "Coach Doc" is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst at the Doctorate level and has a Masters and Ph.D. in Applied Behavior Analysis. 

Much of his work focuses on Health, Sports, and Fitness, Wellness, Leadership, and Self-Management. He is a graduate...

Mar 22, 2024

Meet Nichole Clark, a beautiful lady who loves to create art… but says her best creations are her 6 children. 

Nichole Clark turned to art and writing after her daughter Emberly passed, and is the the author of the book, "Remember All That Is: Conversations with my Daughter After She Died." (find it on Amazon at

Mar 17, 2024

Meet Maribeth Decker, a retired Naval Officer turned animal communicator, medical intuitive, and energy healer who is the founder of where People and Pets Heal and Connect. 

She works with people who dearly love their animals yet face tough issues addressing animals’ physical, emotional,...

Mar 11, 2024

Meet Tim Southwell - one of our earliest medium students to our and now, 4 years later…one of longest and most committed…not only to his own development, but he volunteers and helps host student practice sessions, and has been a guest medium in our free Sunday Gatherings* many...

Mar 5, 2024

Learn to connect with your loved ones on this episode! Psychologist & Professor Dr. Matthew McKay is also a father. After the violent death of his son, he went on an exploration and discovered a technique that works in communicating with his son. He is the author the book “Seeking Jordan: How I Learned the Truth about...