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WE DON'T DIE® Radio Show with host Sandra Champlain

May 27, 2016

Studying over 4,000 Near Death Experiences, Roy Hill provides phenomenal evidence of the afterlife. What a wonderful conversation I had with Roy on this episode of

Roy Hill obtained his bachelor’s degree in psychology at the University of Arizona and his doctorate degree in clinical psychology...

May 24, 2016

EVPs, séances, physical mediumship and more we learn from the amazing, Elaine Kuzmeskus.

Elaine is the director of the New England School of Metaphysics and has been certified by the National Association of Spiritualist Churches as a medium.

She is also an author of many books, including 4 books on mediumship:...

May 7, 2016

"We are all on earth to have a great adventure,” says our guest Beverly Brodsky. Bev was raised in a conservative Jewish family in a mostly Jewish neighborhood in Philadelphia. She went through her teens as an atheist. Since learning of the Holocaust at age eight, she had turned angrily against any early belief in...

May 7, 2016

A former engineer, banker, and international sales manager. Joseph Ghabi's past is packed with degrees and certifications given only to people of science and logic.

Now Joseph is also an expert numerologist, natural medium and a minister of metaphysics, in fact he presently earning a PHD in Metaphysical...

May 7, 2016

What a FUN conversation with my friend, Barbie Stoll and her business partners AnnMarie Touchette and Susan Levin.

They are the founders of Heavenly Connections Mediumship Events…their goal is to deliver messages and information from your loved ones in the Spirit World!

I met Barbie almost 15 years ago in a mediumship...