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WE DON'T DIE® Radio Show with host Sandra Champlain

Apr 19, 2024

For over 40 years, Sue has been connecting with the Spirit World. She says she stumbled into that connection  as a young child and that stumble turned into a lifelong walk with the unseen world. Sue is the author of the book “My Way Home - A Journey with The Spirit World and The Afterlife.” (find on Amazon at

Apr 13, 2024

Douglas Hodgson is a dual Canadian-Australian citizen currently residing in Perth, Western Australia. He is a former Dean and Professor of Law, and author of many legal texts and articles on human rights and causation law as well as author of several books including…

"Transcendental Spirituality Wisdom and Virtue,”...

Apr 6, 2024

Amber Kasic is an evidential medium, author, speaker, former longtime classroom teacher and US Department of Education Fulbright participant. After a shared death experience with her father in 2020, she began a journey of discovery and connection with our greater reality, guided by her dad. 

She shares her journey and...