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WE DON'T DIE® Radio Show with host Sandra Champlain

Dec 9, 2015

Chicago boasts that my guest Andrew Anderson is one of their top ten psychics for a good reason!  He’s helped police in crime investigations and has worked days on end to fulfill his clients’ wishes to be connected to their deceased loved ones.

My guest on this episode of - Andrew Anderson had dreams when he was young and noticed that a lot of the things that he was seeing actually came true and that has continued over the last 27 years!

In December 2006 Andrew had a vision of his own future and the following month had a Near Death Experience and went into a Coma. After he awakened he could see spirits, guides and angels adorning their loved ones here on earth.

Andrew and has worked with the police several times in crime investigations; He is the author of the ebook, “How to Enhance Your Psychic Ability” and also has a A Guided Meditation CD to help you connect with your spirits.  He offers phone and in person readings and something unique to him “One Question Answered Via Email.”

Andrew Anderson knows that our deceased loved ones are definitely in a better place and he certainly does not fear death.

This is a mighty and powerful episode! Andrew is very passionate about making a difference and get some tools to connect to your “invisible team” and get some answers. I loved talking with Andrew and I know you’ll enjoy the episode!  Visit his website for more information at: