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WE DON'T DIE® Radio Show with host Sandra Champlain

Nov 1, 2015

An Athiest before her near death experience, Barbara Harris Whitfield is now an
author, therapist, workshop presenter, respiratory and massage therapist.

Barbara was a key subject in Dr. Kenneth Ring's groundbreaking book on the near-death experience, called "Heading Toward Omega."

She did research at the University of Connecticut medical school for 6 years on the after effects of Near Death Experiences with psychiatry professor Dr. Bruce Greyson.

Barbara has told her story on major television shows including Larry King Live, the Today Show, Good Morning America & Oprah. Recently she returned from Findhorn in Scotland as she was a speaker at the We Do Not Die conference - her speech is here to view:

She is the author of many books, including “Spiritual Awakenings,” “Final Passage” and “The Natural Soul”

11 million people in the United States Alone have had near death experiences. Barbara's near death experience is amazing and important to hear about transcending trauma. Hear about “after effects” of a near death experience and how conflict can lead to opportunity. This is one of my best interviews and there’s valuable info to live our lives powerfully today. I was personally inspired to immediately download and read her book AFGEs (which stands for Another F*ing Growth Experience!!)

Barbara Harris Whitfield is a humorous, caring and very wise soul.

Visit her at: and