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WE DON'T DIE® Radio Show with host Sandra Champlain

Aug 28, 2018

Physical Medium Scott Milligan is a good friend of the show and I'm grateful to have the opportunity to catch up with him today. He always leaves me inspired, amazed and having faith in our loving companions in the "Unseen World."  Scott has over 20 years of understanding the trance or altered state, and has sat in well over three hundred séances with three physical mediums. All this in addition to his own development. He teaches workshops in person and online and spends most of his time demonstrating in seance conditions and encouraging others to sit for the other world.

His website is

The Austin Wish Circle Facebook group he mentions in this episode can be found at

Scott will be a guest speaker at the Afterlife Symposium September 13-16, 2018

The Trance Q & A where I asked the question about The Purpose of Suffering can be found here

Thank you for listening!

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