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WE DON'T DIE® Radio Show with host Sandra Champlain

Jun 17, 2016

Arthur Findlay College tutor, Matthew Smith has been working with the Spirit for over 30 years, and teaches mediumship at various organisations around the world. He is the perfect guest to celebrate our 100th episode of

Matthew is a member of The Spiritualists' National Union and holds various awards in Speaking, Demonstrating, Administration, and has been granted the appointment as a Minister of The Spiritualists' National Union.

Matthews approach to the subject matter is direct, at times tinged with humour but the techniques uses in his training will help you understand the truth in your own potential and abilities which are your birthright.

Matthew is the author of the book “Entrancement - A Theoretical and Practical Manual” and two CD’s - “Embracing the Spirit” and “Spirit Communication”

He gives demonstrations of survival publicly and privately. He tutors students all over the world on mediumship via Skype.

Matthew Smith also holds workshops on how we can develop our own mediumship.  

This coming August, 2016, Matthew will be in the Unites States giving a 5 day workshop in Wisconsin….for anyone interested in learning mediumship or anyone who wishes to deepen their skills please visit:

Visit the website of the Arthur Findlay College at:

Minister Matthew Smith’s website is:

"Life is indeed eternal and as we progress through this life we are indeed preparing and creating our own Heaven or Hell as we walk the physical path. This applies to everyone for we are all Spirit NOW."  - Minister Matthew Smith