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WE DON'T DIE® Radio Show with host Sandra Champlain

Jan 15, 2016

Afterlife expert, R. Craig Hogan, Ph.D. shares some amazing information about the afterlife and a training method for you to be connected with your loved one in spirit available at

Dr. Hogan is the director of the “Center for Spiritual Understanding,” dedicated to helping people establish and maintain relationships with loved ones who have passed from the Earth plane to the next plane of life.

He is the author of “Your Eternal Self,” which presents scientific evidence that the mind is not confined to the brain and that the afterlife IS a reality.

In addition, Dr Hogan co-authored “Induced After-Death Communication: A New Therapy for Healing Grief and Trauma”  and “Guided Afterlife Connections.” and “Repair & Reattachment Grief Therapy” book which contains 26 accounts of people who have had their own afterlife connections with the guided afterlife connection procedure.

This amazing episodes contains the many reasons Dr. Hogan believes in the afterlife, details about what the afterlife is like and how we can best live our lives now. Truly a wonderful conversation. You can read his book "Your Eternal Self" complimentary at