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WE DON'T DIE® Radio Show with host Sandra Champlain

Oct 25, 2015

Australia's mainstream journalist and broadcaster, Barry Eaton, is my guest on today’s episode of  

Fear and uncertainty surrounding death started Barry's journey into the spiritual realm in1991 and he now refers to himself as an astrologer, psychic and Johnny-come-lately medium.  

Barry Eaton is the author of several books, including "No Good Byes: Life Changing Insights from the Other Side.” He has helped produce Australia’s "Afterlife Conference" in Sydney in this year, at which he was one of the speakers as well as the MC for the three day event. Barry hosts his own radio show in Australia called Radio Out There available at

This is a very warm and caring episode and hear the difference between soul vs spirit, about your ‘spiritual advisory team’, and some words about the importance of meditation. I think you’ll really enjoy this one!  -Sandra