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WE DON'T DIE® Radio Show with host Sandra Champlain

May 20, 2015

The Death Chicks are Myste Lyn and Patty Burgess… and have a show every Thursday and are committed to De-Mystifying Death, Dying, Grief and Loss for their viewers...they aim to make the conversation about death a little lighter. 

Patty Burgess is the
Founder of "Doing Death Differently "
•Trainer, Speaker, End-of-Life Educator
•Certified Grief Recovery Specialist
•Former Hospice Community Educator AND the
•Author of "6 Concepts to Master When Supporting a Loved One Who Is Dying”

Patty's website:

Myste Lyn works as an Empowerment Coach for those uncertain of what to do after  loss.  She is a gentle yet powerful guide for those wondering how to make sense of their new world. Myste is the founder of the  ‘Bittersweet Breakthrough™’ program -specializing in helping women live peacefully &  re-discover a sense of purpose after losing a loved one and experiencing great loss. Her ultimate calling is to empower people – to guide them step-by-step into an ever greater version of themselves, helping them to confidently face whatever challenges life may bring.
Myste's website:

Visit their YouTube channel to view their show at:

I got to be the guest on their show! Here is the video if you like to see it: